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History - Pat Rudford

Still youth, the nigerian diplomats Welwyn Garden City-based son, Pat Rudford (b. Patrick Rudford, May 22, 1978, Nottingham, UK), was not very sure which he would do in the life. In spite of continuing with studies in a bureaucratic way, the invitation done by his neighbors to enter in a rock band had not encouraged him a lot. Called by Gregor Stevens and Cliff Morgan, of the which he had become friend some months earlier, to compose a recently-founded band, the drummer Pat Rudford went the last member to enter for The Gardeners.

Can drums

Pat entered in The Gardeners occupying the place that at first moment it would belong Kevin Marlon, a friend from others gardeners. The test that determined the entrance of Pat in the band till today it is part of the folklore of the world rock n'roll. As the group didn't have a professional drums, Gregor and Cliff set up a sketch of the instrument composed of barses to grill meat, old tires and plastic sacks among other things that would be usually in the garbage can. So much "drums" as Pat surprised the whole ones positively including to the neighbor and also member Mike Gradas who had arrived in the middle of the test coming from a trip and ever since he was settled at the position.

From stage to stage

The first times of Pat beside his new partners were difficult. As most first shows of the band was not paid or had a very low remuneration, Pat had to get used with the such "improvised" instrument. Even though he demonstrated some ability, Pat was still far away from reaching a quality pattern. Only with the purchase of a professional drums, Pat can develop and to do what was waited from a drummer to record the first singles and The Gardeners Grow Up album.

In the stick

But it was with the following album Migraine Boy which Pat could really demonstrate that had reached professional level. With the option for music faster based in the hard-rock, Rudford gave the necessary support for double Morgan/Stevens in addition doing the percussion in some tracks. The posterior album The Human Obiciclity is same to Transciding of the Nestery didn't provide him the same chances but in compensation it did with that he presented all his vigor for stages during tour that lasted one year.

Balls and ball strokes

The moving to United States soon after as part of the conquest strategy of the American market gave Rudford other life pattern. Living in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and fan from American basketball, the drummer adapted quickly to the local lifestyle and served even as tourist guide to the colleague Gregor Stevens when he and Cliff Morgan moved for there later on. With hiper-acclaimed The Man of Yellow Cover, Pat can tests his versatility so much in studio, where there were from ballads to heavy-metal, as in the shows where the greatest Yellow Cover Tour gave him larger space being announced besides for solo numbers. Those performances could be checked when the live album The Gardeners Still Live was released. But almost at the same time in that they began to appear larger discords between Cliff and Gregor, Pat began to abuse of the drugs to get muscular mass.

Without doing none shit

In elapsing of the almost two years which band was inactive while his partners moved in parallel projects, Pat didn't produce anything of significant but he was one of the few ones to support the answered turn of Nick Willys to The Gardeners. The marriage of Rudford with medical Aldrine Benith and the group two-sizing between Cliff and Gregor during The Time's Over recordings ended up isolating the drummer. The romantic/depressive letters and the dragged melodies of this disc covered his weak participation and the fact who was totally out in way due to the use of the anabolizants. This was proven in the exhibition of the show acoustic recorded for MTV in that later would take name as The Gardeners Unplugged.

Weekend guest

Still during the sessions of The Time's Over, Pat Rudford simulated an exit from The Gardeners but he was convinced by Willys and Stevens to give up. Even so from that time he began to plan his future out of the band. Finally with the breakup of the group in November 2009, Pat joined to Nick Willys and the former-producer executive of The Gardeners Jeff Hughes to create Brush Artistic Consulting, a consulting company that would accompany new artists' career in several areas. Five years later Willys left the society. Although he has participated in a song from the second disc of his former-partner's Gregor Stevens Alcoholic Blues Band and he was present in The Gardeners Anthology, Pat Rudford was gradually moving away of the music to practically not to have more any entail with this area now.


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