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Discography - The Man of Yellow Cover

Album Image
Format: Audio CD
Other Formats: DVD, Mini-disc, Home-Video
Release Date: 07/29/2005
Label: Virgin/EMI Music
1. The Man of Yellow Cover
2. Sun Season
3. Torrid Blues
4. What He Was Without Ever Have Been
5. Flying High
6. My Dear
7. Discover My Secret
8. Delirium From Thinking
9. Orgasm
10. Mirage
11. Reasons of Love
12. Black Hell
13. I'll Going Lead You to Paradise
14. The View Fade Away Upon Us
15. Jungle Bells

Production & Management

Album Notes

The Gardeners

Cliff Morgan: Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonica, Bass
Gregor Stevens: Guitars, Mandolin, Background vocals
Mike Gradas: Bass, Guitars
Pat Rudford: Drums, Eletric and Acoustic Percussion, Rhythm Track

Dave Clark: Slide Guitar on track nº 3
Nigel Taylor: Sax on tracks nº 8 and 14
Greg McLian: Trumpet on tracks nº 8 and 14
Kirk Canning: Cello on track nº 13

Recorded at Ocean Way Studios and Rusk Sound Studios
Mixed at Ocean Way Studios
Produced by Gary Brodan and Gregor Stevens
Engineered and mixed by Kenny Gullicher and Robbie Friedel
Assistant Engineers: Doug Michaels, Christian Mattews and Steph King
Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound

Executive Producer: Anthony Johnson
Art Direction: Terry Vucovsk
Design: Terry Vucovsk and Pamela Wander
Photos: Suzie Brandom and Michael Bernard

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Inspired by an episode happened with Cliff Morgan when vocalist had penetrated the recording studio with a yellow cover all drenched of rain THE MAN OF YELLOW COVER consolidated it as the largest success of The Gardeners's career. So much the opening music that gives name to the work as the own disc appear in lists of the greatest musical successes of the decade. The unconditional support of Virgin Records and the change to America were decisive factors for the album to be succeed and to get everyone although Cliff and Gregor had not accepted the transfer very well for the other side of Atlantic. In direct contact with the american way of life the quartet was subject the alterations in the method of habitual work due to having received offers of several sections of the American cultural industry as the invitation to record the music-theme of the 007 spy's new film, 007: Virtual Conspiracy. The song 'Discover My Secret' was made for the film at the same time which album was recorded in Los Angeles and it ended up entering in the final set-list. Before so much influences of the new land it was inevitable a style more american in the sonority in THE MAN OF YELLOW COVER contemplating even in video-clips Hollywood-based. The great merit of The Gardeners is in not to abandon the British origins totally and to find a common denominator that transformed the sound of the band in an almost universal rock. Mega-hits as 'The Man of Yellow Cover' and 'Flying High' are extremely simple songs if compared to the experimentalism of THE HUMAN OBICICLITY IS SAME TO TRANSCIDING OF THE NESTERY and it is exactly what turned them perfect to climb them in radios of the whole planet. Both were number one singles in the charts of the USA and Europe by several weeks and at the end of 2005 'The Man of Yelow Cover' was considered the song of the year. In the trace left by them other tracks made success as the disturbing 'Delirium From Thinking', the intimist 'Reasons of Love' and the heavy-metal 'Black Hell'. These songs reveal another present characteristic in the album: the diversity. Although there is a small concentration of ballads in the second half of the disc as 'Reasons of Love', 'I'll Going Lead You to Paradise' and 'The View Fade Away Upon Us', THE MAN OF YELLOW COVER includes from a surf music picturing a summer day with good waves as 'Sun Season', passing by influences of bands of the hard-rock and britpop in 'Mirage' until an authentic blues of Mississipi with all its personal load as it is the case of 'Torrid Blues'. The lyrics don't leave for less and going trough varied themes as a homage to the son of Stevens in the acoustic 'My Dear', critics declared to the capitalist system in the outrageous 'Jungle Bells' and other critics supposedly driven the former-colleague Nick Willys in 'What He Was Without Never Have Been' (although Morgan and Steven have never admitted). Also it includes a literal erotic novel in the wide-opened 'Orgasm' after that ended up suffering censorship in several parts of the world as well as its video-clip. With such a vast universe contained in its 15 tracks, THE MAN had the recognition on the part of the specialized press that rewarded it as better pop-rock album in Billboard, MTV USA, MTV Europa, World Music Awards and Brit Awards more other granted prizes the songs of the album, to the video-clips and to The Gardeners as main artists of the year. The mark of 25 million sold copies and the tour revenue esteemed in US$ 200 million finally check that more than to please the experts, THE MAN OF YELLOW COVER knew how to conquer public as few discs in the history.

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