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Cronology - The Gardeners


11/20 - Born in St. Neots, Mike Gradas



09/24 - Born in Welwyn Garden City, Cliff Morgan
11/03 - Born in Northampton, Gregor Stevens

03/14 - Born in Welwyn Garden City, Nick Willys
05/11 - Born in Nottingham, Pat Rudford
June - Pat Rudford's family moves to Welwyn Garden City  

July - In a visit to his grandparents in Welwyn Garden

         City, Mike Gradas knows Gregor Stevens

September - Stimulated by a commom friend, with Mike

                     still living in St. Neots, him, Gregor and

                     occasionally Willys begin to do rehearsals

                     at Gregor's house
June - Mike Gradas's family moves to Welwyn Garden City  
September - Gregor presents Cliff Morgan to Mike Gradas
November - Calling by 'Virtual Insanners', Morgan, Stevens and

                    Gradas makes the first performing. Rudford was

                    at public
March - Pat Rudford enters to band
November - TNT band formed by Cliff, Gregor and his brother Brad,      

                     who played bass, Mike and Pat wins WGC Festival 93'
June - Chris Bodan knows group during a performing

July - Through a help of John Cuccini, the band starts to 

          rehearse in Watford, London metropolitan area

September - Like 'Magic Esoterics', group perform in an

                     exhibition competitive in Knebworth Park
October - Demo record with �Words in the Wind� and �Christiane�
January - Supposed delivery of the demo to Virgin Records producer
February - Hertfordshire local radios begin to play �Words in the
March - Refusal of Virgin Records
04/16 - Test at Parlophone label
05/12 - Cliff, Gregor, Mike and Pat sign an hazardous contract
             with EMI/Parlophone to record and release debut album
05/12 - Record suggests inclusion of fifth element. Nick Willys is
May - After indecision of the members, record chooses name

           The Gardeners for the group
May to July - Recording sessions at Highside Road Studios
08/12 - Released debut album from The Gardeners,

            �The Gardeners Grow Up�
09/03 - The Gardeners starts in Carlisle group's first tour,

             which runs until August 2000 by United Kingdom
10/12 - Concert in Welwyn Garden City, native city from
             the band   
03/30 - The Gardeners record participation on BBC Radio
09/29 - The Gardeners sign deal to 5 years with

             Parlophone that passes directly to EMI


05/09 - Release of the second album from The Gardeners,
             �Migraine Boy�

05/18 - Nick Willys departures from The Gardeners

            after internal divergences, mainly with Cliff

July to September - First The Gardeners european tour

08/25 - The Gardeners record by second time on BBC Sessions
08/26 - Participation in the Reading Festival

10/10 - Inauguration of the The Gardeners official web site

October to February - First trip by USA and Canada


February and March - First tour by Asia and Oceania

03/11 - Support guitarist Brian Stanley is detained at

            Auckland's airport, New Zealand, carrying

            cocaine and heroine in his baggage

03/18 - Brian Stanley is liberated to exit from New
             Zealand after diplomatic effort and the

             payment of a bail

06/29 - Presence in the Glastonbury Festival


06/30 - Release of the third record �The Human
            Obiciclity is same to Transciding of Nestery�

07/05 - Third appearance on BBC Sessions

July and August - Change of public accusations among Cliff

                             Morgan and Liam Gallagher, by Oasis
August to November - European tour

09/14 - Promotional event in Welwyn Garden City               
             ends earlier because of widespread tumult
10/05 - Concert in Berlin finishes in vandalism and breaking
10/07 and 08 - Concerts cancelled because Berlin's incidents
11/19 - Gregor Stevens and Pat Rudford meet soccer player
             David Beckham at the Real Madrid training center

01/14 - Cliff Morgan is interviewed on the program
            Larry King Live from CNN         
January to July - North American tour
02/08 - The Gardeners makes a free concert in Santa Monica's
             beach, California
03/11 - The executive producer Jeff Hughes resigns
            due disagreements with Chris Bodan
04/21 - The Gardeners record participation on Late
             show with David Letterman of the CBS
04/24 - The Gardeners present on the program
            Saturday Night Live of the NBC

July and August - Tour by Japan and Oceania
08/28 - The Gardeners play at Leeds Festival
09/11 - Cliff Morgan is seized by former Irish priest
             Cornelius Horan in a concert at Earl�s Court
09/24 - Cliff Morgan releases photobook Inside The
             Human Obiciclity about The Human
             Obiciclity's Tour                  
11/14 - Cliff Morgan and Gregor Stevens record �Do
            They Know It's Christmas� single to Band Aid
in collaboration together several
             British artists
11/26 - Release of the single �Do They Know It's
             Christmas� to the Band Aid Project
11/27 - Gregor Stevens left stage hissed in an
            acoustic set in London

01/22 - The Gardeners join to the relief concert of the
             tsunami in Asia beside artists as Eric Clapton,
             Feder, Jools Holland and Maniac Street Preachers
             at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, Wales
02/18 - Los Angeles meeting from where came out
             idea to The Man of Yellow Cover
04/05 - Cliff Morgan attacks journalist in front of  
             Ocean Way Studios 
07/02 - The Gardeners participate of Live 8, at Hyde
             Park in London, benefit concert organized by
             Bob Geldof to drop the debt from african
             nations together artists like Paul McCartney, U2,
             Coldplay, Madonna, Pink Floyd and others
07/15 - Release of �The Man of Yellow Cover� single
07/29 - Release of the fourth album, �The Man of
             Yellow Cover�
08/17 - Cliff Morgan's polemic interview to Channel Four
08/29 - Gregor Stevens suffers car accident in Los
             Angeles but escapes unhurt
09/12 - Release of �Flying High� single
09/23 - Yellow Cover Tour begins in Los Angeles
11/07 - Release of �Delirium From Thinking� single
12/07 - Cliff Morgan states: �God doesn't modify the
             men's reality� and admits to be atheist
12/18 � Local authorities stop accomplishment of
             The Gardeners concert in Salt Lake City


01/09 � In Dallas, Cliff Morgan criticizes covering of the

             north-american press on the episode in Salt

             Lake City

January and February - Latin American Tour

01/30 - Release of �Reasons of Love� single

02/17 � Brian Stanley, former-support guitarrist of The

             Gardeners, dies in San Francisco, by a drug overdose

February and March - Tour by South Africa and Australia

02/26 � Release of �Orgasm� video that is censured in

             USA and suffers restrictions in Europe and Japan

March and April - Tour by Asia

03/20 - Release of �Black Hell� single

April to July � European tour

07/02 � The Gardeners play with Morrissey at Roskilde Festival,


07/28 � The Gardeners perform first from two concerts at

             Twickenham Stadium with 100 thousand people

07/29 � Second concert at Twickenham Stadium with 115

             thousand people's attendance. End of Yellow Cover Tour

07/29 - Cliff Morgan knows Yanna Mason

08/15 - Mike Gradas leaves The Gardeners

10/11 - Nick Willys replaces Gradas

10/31 - Chris Bodan is arrested by tax evasion in London



03/15 � Release of the Yellow Cover Tour Video DVD

             and �The Gardeners still Live� album

07/17 � Fire burns Cliff Morgan's mansion in California

08/24 � Justice states Gregor Stevens to pay US$ 22

             million pension to former-wife



11/17 and 18 � The Gardeners Unplugged recording for MTV

11/25 - Release of the sixth album from The Gardeners,
            �The Time�s Over�

12/22 - Exhibition of The Gardeners Unplugged on MTV

12/28 -  The Gardeners free concert at Hyde Park, London



January to April � European Tour

01/25 - Cliff plays group�s towels to people in a Slovenia


03/01 - Release of �Tales and Stories� single

April and May - Tour by Japan and Oceania

May to July - Tour by USA and Canada

07/24 - The Gardeners perform first concert in Wembley

             Stadium with 100 thousand people attendance

07/25 � Second concert in Wembley Stadium, with 115

             thousand attendance. Record in a The Gardeners concert

08/11 to 29 - Accomplishment postponed concerts from
                      American Tour, finishing in New York
11/20 - The spokesman Julian Krister states officailly
            The Gardeners end



01/13 � Release of The Gardeners Unplugged

03/13 � Cliff Morgan and Yanna Mason get married in

             secret ceremony in Geoffrey's Bay, South Africa



05/05 � Release of Through The Door, first album by

            Gregor Stevens with Alcoholic Blues Band



08/07 � Cliff Morgan releases solo record Put It Out Push

08/29 � Cliff Morgan Unplugged recording on MTV



06/20 � After fighting a brain tumor, Cliff Morgan

             passes away in St. Moritz, Switzerland



06/16 � Posthumous release of Cliff Morgan Unplugged album



































































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