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Number of visitors grows in Welwyn Garden City  in 07/07/2014

Just over two months after Cliff Morgan's death, Welwyn East Ward County Hall says the number of visitors to the town has grown. Although Cliff's mortal remains were cremated and his ashes thrown into the woods owned by the Morgan family, around Manchester, several places that had inspired lyrics by The Gardeners are being visited by fans. Mayor Howard Morgan said he plans to inaugurate a statue in honor of the former gardener later this month at a location yet to be defined.

Cliff is cremated and ashes thrown on ex-gardener's property  in 06/22/2014

Cliff Morgan's body was cremated, not buried, in a Morgan family country house on the outskirts of Manchester and the ashes thrown into the woods of the estate, in a ceremony restricted to family members and closest friends of the couple. The intimate cremation ceremony took place just one day after the mayor of Welwyn East Ward County where is located Welwyn Garden City, Howard Morgan, stated who desired to hold Cliff's funeral in the town. Press access was not allowed, nor were images of the ceremony released.

Mayor of WGC desires perform Cliff's funeral in the town  in 06/21/2014

The mayor of Welwyn East Ward County where is located Welwyn Garden City, Howard Morgan, stated who desires perform Cliff Morgan's funeral in the town. Howard (he isn't a Cliff's familiar) claimed this ceremony would be a way to the local people say goodbye to their most prominent son of this land. No Cliff's familiar answered to the mayor's pretensions.

Cliff Morgan's burial and funeral are still not defined  in 06/21/2014

There is still no official information about the funeral and burial of Cliff Morgan. According to manager/adviser Rudolf Simmons, family members are deciding how best to say goodbye to the ex-gardener in a way that can also contemplate the fans. Mike Gradas, who until 2006 had been Morgan's partner at The Gardeners, also declared “deep regret and sorry for the loss of his colleague” and stated that “all the moments lived with him, Gregor Stevens and Pat Rudford will be forever recorded in their lives.”

Clif Morgan’s death dominates news and music stations  in 06/21/2014

As was soon revealed the death of Cliff Morgan, news media around the world echoed the fact. MTV spent 12 consecutive hours in its schedule to remind interviews with former gardener, concerts, appearances of Cliff and The Gardeners at the network, besides the two acoustic acts The Gardeners Unplugged and Cliff Morgan Unplugged. Also VH1 has devoted much of its scheduling to report this fact. Web pages from CNN, New York Times and BBC published as the main highlight in its pages the loss of the artist. The BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 2 remembered various passages of Gardeners for their studios. At the social networks Cliff's disappearance was also highlighted. On Twitter, hashtag #Morgandies been at the top of the trending topics throughout the day.

Gregor: “I can't think right now”
Gregor with Cliff in Abbey Road
Gregor: “I can't think right now”  in 06/21/2014

Biggest musical partner of Cliff Morgan and friends since childhood, finally Gregor Stevens has spoken. After know of the partner’s loss, Gregor immediately returned from Brazil, where he followed the England Team in the World Cup. Even going out from back the Heathrow Airport it was awaited by a crowd of reporters. Stunned by the news he replied. “I can't think right now. What I can say is that for all we spent together, for a whole life living next to it, it was great meeting him.” Then Gregor got in a car and quickly left the place. Other personalities also spoke. The Irish singer Duff, which had some collaborations with Morgan said that “hearing about the controversial and indomitable artist, but ended up meeting a friendly person and companion.” Ther former Beatle, Sir Paul McCartney wanted "their deepest thoughts and prayers to Yanna and family" while the leader of the Arctic Monkeys, Alex Turner, declared that “British music loses a great talent and we had a great partner.”

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