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Photos - The Gardeners

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          Press Conference in LA              Start of Yellow Cover Tour, LA              Bob Nelson and The Gardeners in NYC                 Press Conference in San Francisco                Pat, Gregor and Mike at press conference in Mexico         

Press Conference
LA, 2005

Yellow Cover Tour
LA, 2005

Nelson and The Gardeners
NYC, 2005

Press Conference
SF, 2005

Press Conference
Mexico City, 2006


        Fidel Castro and Cliff Morgan in Havana                The Gardeners concert in São Paulo               The Gardeners at Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro                Cliff in Rio de Janeiro concert               The Gardeners at Mangueira's court, Rio de Janeiro       

Morgan with Castro

Yellow Cover Tour
São Paulo, 2006

The Gardeners
at Corcovado
Rio de Janeiro, 2006

Cliff in Rio, 2006

The Gardeners
at Mangueira
Rio de Janeiro, 2006

      The Gardeners at box in Mangueira's court, Rio de Janeiro               Gregor, Pat and Mike with Diego Maradona                 Cliff in Santiago concert                The Gardeners with Nelson Mandela                    Cliff in Sydney concert            

Gardeners in Mangueira's
box. Rio, 2006

Gregor, Pat and Mike
with Diego Maradona
Argentina, 2006

Cliff in Santiago, 2006

Gardeners with
Mandela, 2006

Cliff in Sydney, 2006

        Gardeners run away from sumo arena               Fans at Tokyo Dome                    Cliff in Helsinki concert                    Gardeners protest against Iraq War in Zagreb               Fans apologize The Gardeners in Berlin        

Gardeners in
sumo arena
Tokyo, 2006

Fans at Tokyo Dome

Cliff in Helsinki, 2006

Protest against
Iraq War, 2006

Fans apologize
in Berlin, 2006

Cliff at press conference in Lisboa                Lines at Rock in Rio Lisboa                 Public before Gardeners concert at Rock in Rio Lisboa                The Gardeners concert in Barcelona                   The Gardeners in Paris   

Press Conference
Lisboa, 2006

Lines at Rock in
Rio Lisboa, 2006

Public waits for
The Gardeners at
Rock in Rio Lisboa

Yellow Cover Tour
Barcelona, 2006

Gardeners in front of
Eiffel Tower, 2006

Gregor in Brussels concert                  Morgan sing together Morrissey at Roskilde Festival                  Cliff in Amsterdam concert                    Cliff and Mike in Cardiff concert                  Press Conference in London

Gregor in Brussels, 2006

Morrissey with Gardeners
Roskilde, 2006

Cliff in Amsterdam, 2006

Cliff and Mike
Cardiff, 2006

Press Conference
London, 2006

   Cliff in Twickenham concert                    Cliff and Gregor in Twickenham concert                     Pat in Twickenham concert                    Fans at 2nd Twickenham concert                  End of Yellow Cover Tour, London

Cliff in London, 2006

Cliff and Gregor at 1st
Twickenham concert

Pat in London, 2006

Fans at 2nd
Twickenham concert

Yellow Cover Tour´s
end in Twickenham


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