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History - Cliff Morgan

Father's orphan to the 4 years old, Cliff Morgan (b. Clifford Easton Morgan, September 24, 1977, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK, d. June 20, 2014, St. Moritz, Switzerland) grew cultivating a cult rebelliousness that in a certain way it accompanied for a lifetime. The aggressive side was extravasated through riots that the gang of the which participated provoked for streets of Welwyn Garden City. On the other hand the predilection for books optimized the intellectual vein doing Morgan to be retracted a little during the childhood and generating some enmities with colleagues.

The beginning of a partnership

The readingīs habit became interest to writing and Morgan started to do poetries intensely. The dedication of the young found a common denominator when he met a boy of a rival gang called Gregor Stevens. Gregor began to set to music the poetries of Cliff without any larger objective and the initial indifference of Cliff was only reverted when the friend, in company of Mike Gradas, planned the formation of a rock band what attracted the curiosity of Cliff that immediately entered in the project.

From keyboards to vocals

Although some little keyboard classes, Morgan had never had a larger involvement with music but in spite of that he became keyboarder of the band. The dissatisfaction with the assumed position made him to look for larger visibility and facilitated by Nick Willys's waiver, Cliff Morgan takes vocals. After that he writes 'True Fact', his first letter in The Gardeners, musicated by Gregor, establishing like this the composition method that would last long for all the existence of the group. Pat Rudford's indication to drums and the composition of 'Words in the Wind' reinforces the position of Cliff as one of the leaderships of the group.

Poetry and fury

While The Gardeners traveled amateur festivals, Cliff developed self as vocalist: the lyricism of letters well-married with the arrangements of Steven gave place in the stage to an uncontrollable fury. The release of the first two singles and of the debut album The Gardeners Grow Up showed that Cliff was already well joined with the companions while the first trip for United Kingdom introduced an unexpected vocalist as in Oxford when he was coiled in the thread of the microphone and dropped in the ground but he continued to sing even with the turned off apparel. The moving to London after the tour was one of his first divergences with the band-manager Chris Bodan in a relationship marked by several shocks as the exit of the executive producer Jeff Hughes, a friend of Cliff, four years later. In spite of having thwarted for not staying in the native city, Cliff presented a period of great production and harmony with the partners. Migraine Boy presents The Gardeners with a heavier sound reminding the time in that made covers of Ramones and Nirvana, two of Morgan's favorite bands. Migraine Boy Tour provided to the quartet their first tour by Europe and when they go by United States, Cliff begins a romance with the vietnam photographer Lan Cho Minh that would attenuate the singer's aggressive verve in a certain way.

A career of controversies

The third disc The Human Obiciclity is same to Transciding of the Nestery is wrapped up in drugs and experiences. In The Human Obiciclity's Tour polemics as the declaration done in North Ireland that "IRA shouldnīt cease its activities" and the shock of flukes with Liam Gallagher, from Oasis, made Cliff to silence by some time. Completing, the end of the affair with Lan Cho Minh let him down and this is reflected in the presentations of the group, culminating with a tumultuated show in Berlin. In order to revert this negative image Cliff and Gregor joined to foundation Children in the War that aids children abandoned in wars. After tourīs end, Cliff releases book Inside The Human Obiciclity with pictures took by himself during tours. Some days later, in a beneficent concert by war victims in Iraq, Morgan is attacked by Irish priest Cornelius Horan but though fright he doesnīt suffer big problems. In period that band is inactive Cliff wraps up in more an conflict with Chris Bodan that promotes a strategic change of the group to USA in search of that market. Cliff going to the Coast West and as well as it had happened previously the new change it is also profitable for the vocalist that interage with local musicians besides the partnership with the former-The Doors Ray Manzarek to the commemorative album of the 50 years of the rock nīroll.

America's Enemy

In the recordings of the fourth album The Gardeners appears with prominence in the American press it is for the origin of the title The Man of Yellow Cover (the vestiment which Cliff had penetrated the studio in a day of strong rain) or by Morganīs aggression to a reporter that tried to cover the rehearsals. The expectation maid around this release is rewarded through memorable compositions as 'Flying High', 'Reasons of Love', 'Black Hell' and 'Jungle Bells' that aim Morgan's versatility as composer going from the romantic to heavy critics to the society. The great success of this work turns him requested in this time and in an interview granted to Channel Four he makes critics from the phonographic industry until to the British Royal family. All this values the super-produced Yellow Cover Tour which conquered North America without although facing serious incidents in Salt Lake City when Gardeners was impeded of accomplishing the concert because Cliff and Gregor were took in an exam anti-doping. Some days later in San Francisco, Morgan criticized the false moralism of the American society about the episod and he became unwanted in the country. These attacks to the country in that Cliff and other gardeners lived didn't please Chris Bodan nor Gregor Stevens and they caused a small disturb between Cliff and Gregor.

An intense relationship

For Cliff Morgan the reward of a tumultuated tour came after the last concert in Wembley when he knows and he wraps up with the journalist of the Style magazine, Yanna Mason. The intense approach of Cliff and Yanna become the safety for the gardener in an intern restructuring period. But in a home fight, his mansion in Long Beach catches fire in circumstances never very said and Cliff decides to return to Great-Britain before the American justice began an extradition process. While the live disc The Gardeners Still Live is released, Cliff composes some songs for singer Finley Quaye's new work and participates of some lectures against the racism in Europe.

Cliff x Gregor

The life with Yanna Mason alters the habits of the before transgressor Cliff Morgan. For Gregor Stevens these changes seem to indicate that would be complicated to retake the studio routine and shows as Gardeners would do in 2008. The personal differences between Cliff and Gregor drive the constants battles of ego of the two main names of the band. Gregor accused the friend of letting that Yanna decided the directions of the band while Cliff rebutted affirming that the guitarist just wanted more power after the exit of Bodan. The situation was sustained during the conception of The Time's Over because Stevens signed the production of the album and Morgan filmed some clips.

The life after-Gardeners

Even so not even the powers obtained by Cliff and Gregor were enough to maintain them together and after a melancholic tour, The Gardeners separated officially under a war of vanities among the two. In spite of Cliff always to sustain a scorn position and critic to the counter of business in that The Gardeners were transformed, his first attitudes pictured a certain doubt in front of the future. While he didn't decide returned to the musical scene, Cliff became manager of the funk-jazz trio Island Jammers and in the same month that his last work with the former-companions, The Gardeners Unplugged was on the market, he married with Yanna Mason in a ceremony in Geoffrey's Bay, South Africa. Cliff still played some projects as the direction of another artists' video-clips, a participation in a Richard Moralez movie, It For Money, and a column in the musical magazine, Mojo. In the end of the year was born his daughter Yanka that seems to wake up the desire make music again. After a long battle to break contract with EMI Records, Clifft moved to the London Records in which begins the recording of his first lonely work.

Lineīs end to the rebel gardener

The arrival after a year of Put It Out Push shows Morgan quite modified in relation to the times of its former-band. The stability of the marriage with Yanna Mason brings a larger number of ballads as 'Touching My Soul' and 'No Words' and it also shows a much more reflexive artist as in 'Follow On Me' and 'Me and My Troubles'. Cliff makes a shy promotion of the album just recording the special MTV Cliff Morgan Unplugged. Therefore appear the rumors that he would be sick, in a first moment they are denied by his manager Rudolf Simmons. But when being seen by a paparazzi leaving a hospital no longer there is as denying the evidences and after certain time Simmons admits that Cliff Morgan is with a malign tumor in the brain, well-known like Multiform Gliobastoma. The aggressiveness of the tumor going winning Morgan progressively and after a battle that lasted one and a half year Cliff Morgan dies at his house in Switzerland.

Cliff Morgan Road

The news of Morgan's death provokes a wave of lamentations and homages to the vocalist of Gardeners that arrives to have the street in that lived in Welwyn Garden City baptized with his name. The desire of Yanna to disclose unpublished material of Cliff besides with Gardeners provokes the former-members reaction and the justice suspends the exploration of the groupīs catalog, beginning a judicial battle that lasts three years without victory any one of the parts. In 2017, Yanna Mason, Gregor, Mike and Pat reach an agreement that allows the promotion of the collection The Gardeners Anthology with the unpublished composition of the partnership Morgan/Stevens 'For You Come Back' besides a new release of the work of the former-gardener and auction of yours belongs.


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